Shoppers Enjoy Using Live Chat Software

Many shoppers enjoy using a live chat application when it is available to them despite the fact that most online merchants have been slow about adapting to the use and installation of chat software. It seems that shoppers that do happen to find a website that offers a chat application enjoy it, according to a survey that was conducted by the E-Tailing consultancy group and Bold Software.

The survey involved a thousand shoppers back in February and revealed that 20% of shoppers prefer to use websites that offer them a chat application. The survey also pointed to several reasons why chat software has been so well embraced by customers and several reasons why a merchant should consider downloading a chat application now in order to reap some of the positive results for themselves.

Human factor helps propel live chat software fmwhatsapp

When it comes to customer service chat software falls into the top of the best practices category due to the fact that people who have used the chats quickly fall in love with the method of quick responses, knowledge, and friendliness. Adding a chat application to a website helps take the business off of the virtual map and into real life which makes customers much more apt to make purchases and much less apt to browse away, especially if they have already been engaged in a chat with a proactive agent. Following the same principle of pressure that a real sales person at a retail store can offer, people are more likely to make a purchase if they have been guided towards it.

Speed of a live chat application

It is hard to debate the merits that live chat software holds when it comes to addressing a customer’s concern for immediate answers. 77% of those who participated in the survey about live chat software stated that they prefer it because they get the answers they want without any lag time. Another 52% reported that they enjoyed using a chat application because it allowed their purchase to be streamlined and efficient. As most people today are starved for time, the idea that they can be in control and get the efficiency they demand from a one stop solution is appealing, and it’s inviting. Shoppers that have had a successful experience with a chat application are twice as likely to remember it next time they need to make a purchase sending them back to the same website.

Live chat software demographic is extremely desirable

From the merchant’s point of view, one of the top reasons to install live chat software is the fact that the average shopper that is looking for a chat application before making a purchase is extremely desirable. On average the advocates of the live chat software are between the ages of 30 and 50 with a sizable income. They are also more likely to hold a college degree and much more likely to spend money online compared to any other group of shoppers. In other words, those who want a chat application are the same people who will make a final purchase or two from our website.

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