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Whilst each environment and office space will be different, there are certain guidelines from The European Directive on Working with Computers and Safety Legislation which calls for an offic e working environment to be ergonomically modified to best serve each individual’s specific needs. 오피

Office furniture in the UK is tested and certified to either British or European standards which satisfies the requirement for the furniture to be safe and stable and not expose the user to possible risk of injury.

The workspace needs to be the best available space when taking into account the following requirements: The workspace needs to accommodate all equipment and paperwork required for the user to do their specific job properly. The workspace also needs to fit the anatomy of the user and the tasks they need to perform. The workspace needs to do both of these things as well as take into account the other users’ workspaces that may be adjacent or around it in the whole office space. Workspaces can be all shapes and sizes depending on the above factors.

Clearance underneath
With most office desks being around 720mm from the floor to the top of the desk and having a usual desktop thickness of 25mm – this leaves 695mm from the floor to the under side of the desktop. 650mm is usually considered the minimum height to the underside of the desk and can only be achieved using a height adjustable desk at its lowest setting.

Clearance along length
600mm is considered to be the absolute minimum width of legroom beneath a desk. 1000mm would be the ideal minimum to allow some movement space for the users legs.

Work height
Most office desks with have a standard height of around 720mm from the floor to the desktop, this is judged to accommodate around 90% of the population. A height adjustable desk will usually have a range from around 650mm up to 1200mm – this type of desk can be used for wheel chair users or tall users. A height adjustable desk is also beneficial for users with bad backs and users that have a job that benefits a change in working position from sitting to standing on a regular basis. Users that are shorter will benefit from a footrest under a normal height desk to achieve a standard working position.

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